Meanwhile, back in the forest, the frozen ground is beginning to thaw.  The days are getting longer and the snow is melting.  But on this first day of spring, none of the animals are out and about.  They’ve overslept because Tiney is missing, and he is always the first to awaken.
         As the ice melts, water begins to drip into Carlton C. Chameleon’s house, a cute little 
bungalow at the edge of a large granite rock.  The leak is directly over Carlton’s bed, and each

You’ve just read a sample of Tiney’s first tale - “Tiney Piney And The Odyssey Orchestra”. 
The authors fill 18 chapters with engaging, lighthearted suspense, inventive solutions and unwavering teamwork.  This 58 page saga is enhanced with magnificent illustrations sure to 
inspire the imagination of children and adults alike !

It is written for an age range of 8 years old and up... but countless younger readers still 
enjoy these adventures with Mom or Dad reading alongside them !  Tiney’s escapades are 
certain to stimulate creative thinking and boundless optimism in every young heart and mind.  
And now YOU can take Tiney and his forest friends home to be a part of your family...
drop plops right in his face.  It doesn’t take long before the lime-green lizard pops open an umbrella and sits up with a yawn.  After smacking his lips and rubbing the sleep from his eyes, he finds his bedroom half-full of water.  
         “What?  What’s going on?” he spouts.  “Why, this only happens during the March thaw.  It can’t be March yet.  Did I oversleep?  I’m awfully hungry.  No, I couldn’t have slept that late.  Tiney would have awakened me.”  Carlton prides himself on his skillful instincts, and at this moment, they are beginning to stir.  “I predict something is amiss!”
         One by one, the animals are waking.  Realizing they overslept, they become quite concerned and begin calling out for Tiney.