Tiney Piney is a very special little porcupine.  He is young, but extremely talented.  Tiney is the conductor of the Forest Orchestra, and he writes his music in beet juice on giant leaves.  Every year, as winter begins to fade, his Symphony ushers in the start of spring.
Carlton C. Chameleon is the greatest reptilian actor you’ll ever meet.  He can be many characters, depending on his mood. But no matter what persona he assumes, he is always Tiney’s best buddy.
Sully is a typical example of why you shouldn’t judge a book by its cover. When you first look at him, he’s a scruffy, mangy wolf. But with a second look, you can see he’s just a good-spirited pal who would help out anyone.
Vasilli is an ambitious, yet unorganized, musical director.  After his teacher, the great Antonio Giovanni, retired as conductor of the Odyssey Orchestra, Vasilli was asked to step in as the new lead man. Though he still struggles to find his muse, he is a shy, kind-hearted perfectionist...who is far from perfect.
Millie is the attractive warehouse receptionist who works at Odyssey Storage.  She dreams of meeting a handsome musician someday, and she has her eye on that young conductor who works next door at the Odyssey Theatre.
Howie and Artie are capable of moving anything...except themselves.  They have a fondness for cupcakes, and they’re very skilled at taking naps.  But once they actually wake up and start working, they’re hard to stop.  If there’s a job to be done, you can count on these two...eventually.
Pamela Pigeon is not your average bird.  She “flew the coop” a long time ago and decided to live free in the forest.  She’s a little older than the other woodland animals, and treats them like they are her own kids.  Because of that, she can be a bit over-protective.  But when the feathers fly, she won’t back down.